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The 2FO Roost Canvas combines a durable canvas upper, cushioned EVA foam midsole, and relaxed fit to create a shoe that won’t lose its cool.
120 € s DPH 79 s DPH / ks
65,83 € bez DPH / ks
Skladom 2 ks
Obj. čislo: 61622-5044
The 2FO Cliplite puts precision fit at your toe tips, providing unparalleled pedal input for on-trail control. The micro-adjustable BOA® Li2 dials combined with a welded upper provide a ridiculously comfortable fit.
210 € s DPH 145 s DPH / ks
120,83 € bez DPH / ks
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Obj. čislo: 61622-4145
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