Prilba SPECIALIZED S-Works Evade with ANGi - Sagan Collection: Deconstructivism Red

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For the new Sagan Collection, the rainbow has been deconstructed—broken down to its core components to celebrate a rider defined by much more than rainbow stripes.
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Prilba SPECIALIZED S-Works Evade with ANGi - Sagan Collection: Deconstructivism Red

Sometimes an act of creation begins with an act of destruction. For the new Sagan Collection, the rainbow has been deconstructed—broken down to its core components to celebrate a rider defined by much more than rainbow stripes. It began with an almost absence of color and continues now with stunning, shimmering colors and graphics that are as beautiful and mercurial as the masterpieces Peter paints on the road.

Helmets have long been plagued by an unspoken rule: Light weight, ventilation, aerodynamics—pick two, there's your helmet. As you can tell by now, though, we don't play by these rules—or really any for that matter. We'd rather turn standards on their head and create products that nobody ever dreamed of. And you needn't look any further than the new S-Works Evade helmet for proof of this. Straight up, it's the fastest road helmet out there.

Our new ANGi Crash Sensor gives you and your loved ones peace of mind like never before—when combined with our iOS or Android app, the sensor will detect a crash and send a text message to specified contacts in your phone. It also syncs with our app and STRAVA® to provide GPS-based activity tracking.

We've teamed up with MIPS researchers to introduce MIPS SL—a new, ultra-light, and supremely comfortable version of MIPS that's available exclusively on Specialized helmets. With MIPS SL, we've essentially integrated MIPS technology within the helmet padding itself. MIPS SL's minimalist "watchband" attachment system provides 10 to 15 millimeters of rotation in every direction and offers the same brain protection benefits as other versions of MIPS, while also ushering in a new level of comfort and weight savings.

Beginning with the aerodynamic development, we basically lived in our Win Tunnel to create this Evade. Having our own wind tunnel allows us to develop our products with aero at the forefront of the design, rather than merely testing them there. With this, we carefully analyzed every aspect of helmet performance in the Win Tunnel, and with real world testing, to ensure that we left no stone unturned in the quest for performance. This makes for a helmet that has countless testing hours and years of development, and ultimately, this adds up to the fastest road helmet we’ve ever tested.

We not only took grams out of the drag, but we did it without sacrificing safety. In fact, we switched the construction to favor our Energy Optimized Multi-Density EPS that optimizes the foam type in different places. As far as ventilation is concerned, free-flowing air through the helmet not only makes the helmet cooler than ever, but it also decreases aerodynamic drag. Going hand-in-hand with this, ventilation and aerodynamics were both optimized in the Win Tunnel together, making for the best combination of aerodynamics and ventilation out there. Now, the exterior vents and interior channels have been carefully considered to make sure that the helmet draws in the maximum amount of air through the helmet for extreme cooling. And the result? The new Evade is just as cool as a bare head with no helmet, making it the coolest aero helmet on the market today.

Through this work, the Evade saves 50 seconds over 40km versus a traditional road helmet and roughly six seconds over the prior iteration of Evade. This means that it's not only as cool as a bare head, but also as fast. For road race helmets, there’s nothing that can match this performance.

Last, but most certainly not least, a fast helmet is useless unless it fits correctly. With this in mind, the new S-Works Evade has all the features you'd expect from a top-level helmet, like our Mindset HairPort 2 fit system with micro-adjustments, our soft webbing that won't stretch out, and a new Gutter Action brow pad that manages sweat to keep it out of your eyes. And to top it off, we've added a new magnetic buckle to the mix that makes buckling with one hand a breeze.

  • Integrovaný sensor pádu ANGI.
  • Zahrnuje celoživotní předplatné aplikace Specialized Ride.
  • Vybaveno MIPS.
  • Díky usilovnému vývoji ve větrném tunelu je Evade tou nejrychlejší silniční helmou jakou jsme kdy testovali.
  • Systém chlazení 4th Dimension Cooling System s hlubokými interními žlábky a vyrovnanými odvodovými porty.
  • Patentovaná Energy Optimized Multi-Density EPS konstrukce s různou hustotou materiálu pomáhá pohlcovat energii nárazu.
  • Patentovaná aramidem vyztužená kostra poskytuje interní EPS podporu pro lepší zvládání energie nárazu.
  • Ultra-lehký systém Mindset HairPort II se systémem kolečkového nastavení a nastavitelnou výškou pro dokonalou úpravu velikosti.
  • Vycpávka v oblasti obočí Gutter Action zvyšuje pohodlí a zlepšuje odvádění potu.
  • Tenké, měkké a lehké pásky 4X DryLite se pod vlivem potu nebo vody nebudou roztahovat.
  • Rozdělovač popruhů Tri-Fix pro lepší pohodlí a snadné nastavení upínání.
  • Systém popruhů Instrap pro ultra-lehkou konstrukci a bezpečnost.
  • Magnetická přezka je jednoduchá a bezpečná.


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